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Our mission

To provide value-oriented and technology based intellectual training, to enable the students to complete in the present-day Global world and to bring out morally upright and socially committed men and women who would contribute to the development of the Nation.

Our Vision

The Vision of the college is “Quality Education through Academic excellence, skill development and character formation to produce socially committed citizens”.

From the Chairman’s Desk

It is with immense pleasure that we venture on a de novo educational institution under the affiliation of the university of Kerala.  This new educational intuition in one among the new generation institutions that we plan for the future development of education in our country. Already, we have proved ourselves as a gigantic educational agency working for the minority that are deprived of their cause. We have many number of institutions registered under the White Memorial Educational Society in Tamil Nadu.  We promote innovative courses and career oriental Programme in many of our colleges.  The White Memorial Arts & Science college, Panachamoodu is going to be one of the major educational institutions in Kerala in the near future.